Strength comes from unity.
Protection comes from VRMA.

Retailers must realize that the battle against threatening legislation and taxes will become more difficult in years to come. The retail industry must maintain its unity and strength at the grassroots level to wage those battles successfully. Our strength lies in our members being a unified front with a well heard voice.

About Us

VRMA... Your partner in retailing. Virginia Retail Merchants Association, the professional association of the Virginia retail industry was founded for the purpose of improving the business climate for the retail industry in Virginia. Our members are as diverse as the products they sell. We represent all size retailers across the commonwealth.

Benefits + Services

Membership doesn't cost... it pays! Save on shipping and credit card processing. Offer you employees group rate benefits at no cost to you. Invest in your employees with high quality, low cost training hundreds of retailers are already using. We have a program for every retailer - so start saving today!

Legislative Representation

Protecting your future - VRMA is your voice. The VRMA has been serving the retail community in the legislative arena since 1905. Our strong presence before the General Assembly and throughout the year before its various committees and the states' administrative bodies has made the VRMA the most influential association that works solely on behalf of the retail industry. We have 7 registered lobbyists and each year we influence hundreds of important issues.


The Retail Industry is the largest private employer in the state. The sales tax applied to our industry is the largest single contributor to Virginia's budget. With over 100,000 retailers in Virginia we are the life blood of the Commonwealth.

Event Calendar

Making connections and keeping you informed. Mark your calendar and register for VRMA's upcoming events or check for important dates such as sales tax holidays.

  • Start of General Assembly Session - January 13, 2016

Contact Us

Our Address
Virginia Retail Merchants Association
1025 Boulders Parkway, Suite 110
Richmond, VA 23225

Phone: (804) 649-0789
Toll Free: 800-232-VRMA (8762)
Fax: (804) 644-8762

Members Only

Be a part of it! As a member of VRMA we keep you up to date. As a member you receive access to this section. Review recent legislative action, VRMA's legislative positions, important archives, and other resources, like the It’s the Law section.

Affiliated Associations

We have special relationships with the following associations – if your area is served by one of these local Retail Merchants Associations please be sure to contact them for more information.

Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association

The Retail Merchants Association is a trade association representing retailers and other businesses in the Central Virginia area. Established August 14, 1907, RMA promotes our business community in Lynchburg and surrounding areas by offering advertising, cost-saving support services, educational opportunities, and sponsorship of cultural activities.

Retail Merchants of South Boston-Halifax VA

The Retail Merchants Association of South Boston-Halifax VA is a trade association representing retailers and related businesses. Our mission is to enhance the image and profitability of member companies through advocacy, information and networking opportunities. The Retail Merchants Association is the business association of choice for successful retail businesses in our area.

National Retail Federation

Also, due to a special affiliation with the National Retail Federation and VRMA with you receive complimentary membership to the National Retail Federation! Your membership with VRMA provides you with this membership if you are an independent operator doing business only in Virginia.