Strength comes from unity.
Protection comes from VRMA.

Retailers must realize that the battle against threatening legislation and taxes will become more difficult in years to come. The retail industry must maintain its unity and strength at the grassroots level to wage those battles successfully. Our strength lies in our members being a unified front with a well heard voice.

About Us

VRMA... Your partner in retailing. Virginia Retail Merchants Association, the professional association of the Virginia retail industry was founded for the purpose of improving the business climate for the retail industry in Virginia. Our members are as diverse as the products they sell. We represent all size retailers across the commonwealth.

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Membership doesn't cost... it pays! Save on shipping and credit card processing. Offer you employees group rate benefits at no cost to you. Invest in your employees with high quality, low cost training hundreds of retailers are already using. We have a program for every retailer - so start saving today!

Legislative Representation

Protecting your future - VRMA is your voice. The VRMA has been serving the retail community in the legislative arena since 1905. Our strong presence before the General Assembly and throughout the year before its various committees and the states' administrative bodies has made the VRMA the most influential association that works solely on behalf of the retail industry. We have 7 registered lobbyists and each year we influence hundreds of important issues.


The Retail Industry is the largest private employer in the state. The sales tax applied to our industry is the largest single contributor to Virginia's budget. With over 100,000 retailers in Virginia we are the life blood of the Commonwealth.

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Making connections and keeping you informed. Mark your calendar and register for VRMA's upcoming events or check for important dates such as sales tax holidays.

  • Combined Sales Tax Holidays - August 4-7, 2017

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Be a part of it! As a member of VRMA we keep you up to date. As a member you receive access to this section. Review recent legislative action, VRMA's legislative positions, important archives, and other resources, like the It’s the Law section.

VRMA Awards

Virginia Retailer of the Year Award

Do you know a retailer that’s extraordinary, involved in the community, civically minded or a charitable leader? For nearly 50 years the VRMA has recognized such a retailer for his or her contributions to the industry and to the community, state or nation.

The winner, nominated and selected by his or her peers, is presented with a large silver bowl, inscribed with the names of all past recipients, to display in his or her store for a period of one year. A keepsake silver bowl is also given as a memento of this honor.

Recipients of the Virginia Retailer of the Year Award:

1959: Malcolm J. Reid, Reid Stores, Inc., Staunton
1960: A. Glenn Pless, Pless Furniture Co., Galax
1961: Alfred C. Thompson, Miller & Rhodes, Richmond
1962: John R. Powers, Food Fair, Pulaski
1963: Thomas B. Hines, Hines Grocery, South Hill
1964: John W. Ayers, J. W. Ayers Variety Stores, Arlington
1965: Frank Raflo, Raflo’s, Leesburg
1966: William Lee Whitmore
1966: C. Harmon Williams, Jr., C. H. Williams, Inc., Charlottesville
1967: Carolyn Buhrman Nettleton, C. B. Nettleton, Inc., Covington
1968: Raymond M. Munsch, Miller & Rhodes, Richmond
1969: Richard F. Welton, III, Smith & Welton, Norfolk
1970: Glenn E. Jackson, Jackson’s Department Store, Laurel Fork
1971: Charles S. Ylonen, Chuck’s Super Market, Providence Forge
1972: Maxine C. Hilton, Maxine’s, Abingdon
1973: Jesse B. Castleberry, Pembroke Tire & Auto, Hampton
1974: James E. Ukrop, Ukrop’s Super Market, Richmond
1975: Kermit E. DeHart, Falls Church
1976: Carl E. Bain, Westhampton Pharmacy, Richmond
1977: Charles S. Boschen, Electrical Service Co., Ashland
1978: Walter S. Segaloff, Virginia Specialty Stores, Newport News
1979: Harry B Price, Jr., Price’s, Inc., Norfolk
1980: Frances & Sydney Lewis, Best Products, Richmond
1981: Chester A. Hobert, Coiner’s Department Store, Berryville
1982: John T. Harris, J. T. Harris Co., Inc., Tappahannock
1983: Malcolm Kalman, Siegel’s Super Markets, Richmond
1984: Thomas M. Gibbs, Chesapeake
1985: John W. Hasty, Plaza Pharmacy, Hayes
1986: George B. Cartledge, Jr., Grand Home Furnishings, Roanoke
1987: William T. Davis, Burton Davis Flowers & Gifts, Hopewell
1988: LaVerne Carson, The Golden Goose, Occaquan
1989: Frank B. Bradley, III., Fas Mart Corp., Mechanicsville
1990: Jennifer King Ferreira, Abingdon General Store, Abingdon
1991: Richard F. Cralle, Green Front Furniture, Farmville
1992: Sigmund E. Davidson, Davidson’s, Roanoke
1993: Peter G. Rice, The Plow & Hearth, Madison
1994: S. Chris Jones, Bennett’s Creek Pharmacy, Suffolk
1995: Jack Schewel, Marc Schewel, Donna Schewel Clark, Schewel Furniture Company, Lynchburg
1996: A. Joseph Levy, Regency Card Corp., Richmond
1999: Claus Ihlemann, Decorum of Virginia, Inc., Norfolk
2000: Steve Barnett, Barnett’s Hallmark, Richmond
2001: Rowena Fullinwider, Rowena’s, Norfolk
2002: Brigitte Cowan, Holt’s for the Home, Staunton
2003:  Leonard Edloe, Edloe’s Professional Pharmacy, Richmond
2004: H. Wayne Sale, Health First, Richmond
2005: James R. Wilkins, Jr., Wilkins’ ShoeCenter, Inc., Winchester
2006: Carlos A. Castro, Todos Supermarket, Woodbridge
2007: Pat Miller & Maria Wasowski, A Show of Hands, Alexandria
2008: M. Keith Hodges, Gloucester Pharmacy, Gloucester

Legislator of the Year Award

Throughout the year the VRMA profiles key legislators in its newsletter, The Retail Review, who have influenced legislation that is beneficial to Virginia’s retail community. Virginia has held the number one position for a number of years, most recently dropping to number two as states are ranked on how they favor the retail community. Since the retail industry is the top for profit employer in the Commonwealth, this ranking is important for the economic well being of the Commonwealth. Over the past ten years some of these key legislators have been honored at the VRMA Annual Membership Meeting with a “Legislator of the Year” award.

Recipients of the Virginia Retail Merchants Association Legislator of the Year Award:

2001: The Honorable John S. “Jack” Reid, Delegate for District 72
2002: The Honorable Walter A. Stosch, Senator for Di

Tom Cormier, Petrina Jones, Del. Landes, Laurie Aldrich and Teross Young

Tom Cormier, Petrina Jones, Laurie Aldrich and Teross Young with LOY 2016 Delegate Steve Landes

strict 12
2003: The Honorable Kenneth W. “Ken” Stolle, Senator for District 8
2004: The Honorable David B. Albo, Delegate for District 42
2005: The Honorable Morgan H. Griffith, House Majority Leader & Delegate for District 8
2006: The Honorable Samuel A “Sam” Nixon, Jr., Delegate for District 27
2007: The Honorable John A. Cosgrove, Delegate for District 78
2008: The Honorable Chris B. Saxman, Delegate for District 20
2009: The Honorable Frank W. Wagner, Senator for District 7
2009: The Honorable Charles J. Colgan, Sr., Senator for District 29
2010: The Honorable Chris Peace, Delegate for District 97
2011: The Honorable Chris Jones, Delegate for District 76
2012: The Honorable Rob Bell, Delegate for District 58
2013: The Honorable Chris Peace, Delegate for District 97; The Honorable Steve Newman, Senator for District 23
2014: The Honorable Israel O’Quinn, Delegate for District 5; The Honorable Richard Stuart, Senator for District 28
2015: The Honorable Jackson Miller, Delegate for District 50
2016: The Honorable Steven Landes, Delegate for District 25