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Top 4 Retail Management Software for Greater Efficiency

Retail management software has the right solutions to reach shoppers across any of the available channels. It is an essential tool for retailers, which helps them manage their business better. The software gathers real-time insights of customers and points-of-sale. Using this software, you can have the kind of visibility you need in optimizing everything. It also helps you drive more sales with its excellent features.

Retail management software can work well with the hardware installed at the payment terminals. It can also provide mobile support with the help of its app. Now, let’s take a look at the top retail management software available in recent times:

1. 6DX

This software has been built on an open retail architecture. It helps in enhancing the retail experiences of your customers. The software comes from Intellect Commerce Limited. The company has been catering to mid-sized and large retail chains across 19 countries for more than two decades. The greatest benefit of 6DX is that it can handle multiple stores located across different geographies.

It works great even if you have a multitude of vendors, product lines, and channels. The POS that the software provides is cloud-ready. It gives you the chance to make good use of the components that you’ll need at any given point.

2. NetSuite

NetSuite offers a unified platform that would help you future-proof your retail business. In other words, it is the first and the last retail management software you’ll need. Using NetSuite, you can get real-time visibility across your business unit. The software also helps in the removal of any operational inefficiencies.

You can get your IT costs reduced, which would allow you to focus on revenue-generating activities. With over 29,000 implementations of the software, NetSuite can be the most reliable retail management software. It also has the right tools and years of expertise that will help you in expanding your business.

3. Detego

Combined with its artificial intelligence capabilities and comprehensive reporting, Detego is a highly efficient SaaS platform. It is powered by RFID technology. This platform gives you faster return on investment through improved stock accuracy, better decision-making, and product availability. It delivers operational efficiencies and increases revenue across the value chain.

The platform makes this possible through the digitization of traditional inventory management processes. As a result, these traditional processes are made more efficient and accurate. Customers of Detego include many international department stores and retailers.

4. Square for Retail

Square for Retail helps a great deal in making all the complex tasks simple and efficient. It’s a great platform for software, hardware, and payment systems of retail businesses. You can use it for your back office as well as your storefront, thus boosting sales and reducing costs. A retail business can complete a sale within seconds by scanning the bar code and searching with a keyword.

If you attach a card on file to the sale, it’ll facilitate a seamless and faster checkout. This software helps you in creating the profiles of your customers instantly. It also adds inventory from your point of sale. A free trial of this software is available for 30 days.

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