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5 Types of Displays You Can Find in Retail Stores

Displays can have a lasting impression on your potential customers. They’re one of the most essential aspects of a successful retail store. So, if you’re an owner of a retail business, choosing the right types of displays can be quite a task. This is especially true when you’re not aware of the current trends.

There are many factors that come into play while choosing displays for your retail store. Among them are understanding customer behavior and the dynamics of the market. Given below are some of the types of displays that you’ll come across in retail stores:

1. Window displays

These displays are what entice your potential customers to walk into your retail store. They play an important role in attracting customers and must therefore be highly attractive. Such displays must be placed strategically near the foot traffic areas. You must see to it that they’re not cluttered. Display only the items that are just enough to grab the customers’ attention.

If your window display is facing the sun, make sure that the items displayed are not affected by it. How you set up your window display is entirely up to you. One key thing to remember is that the way it’s set up will determine your success in enticing your customers.

2. POS shelves

POS or point-of-sale shelves can be an ideal spot to place your fast-moving products. They usually include candy, and other popular items. You’ll usually find such shelves near the door or the cash register. This makes it easier for customers to reach out for an item that’s within their arm’s length.

POS shelves increase the possibilities of impulse purchases. If some of the items are nearing their expiry date, you can place them on these shelves. It’s possible that your customers would feel the desire to pick them up.

3. Gondola displays

Gondola-style shelves are popular especially in pharmacy and grocery stores. This is because they usually have the ability to hold a number of different products. They’re two-sided displays with shelves that are adjustable. You can adjust them to fit items of different sizes. Gondola retail displays are a good choice for merchandising within your store. One of their biggest disadvantages is that they can be expensive.

4. Grid wall displays

You can easily customize grid wall displays. If you’re a retailer with limited space in your store, they can be your perfect choice. These displays have wire panels that can give you a variety of shelf options. Grid wall displays can look fabulous on your wall or as free-standing fixtures. A grid wall display can be easy to mount and is also a lot more affordable. The cost would go up only if you’re hiring a professional to install it.

5. Slat wall displays

These displays contain panels that have recessed horizontal spaces. In such spaces, you can display hooks, shelves, hangers, and pegs. Slat wall displays are shelving options that offer great versatility. They’re quite affordable and don’t require the services of an expert to mount them.

They can display a wide range of merchandise and can either be free-standing or wall-mounted. The cost of this type of display would go up if you decide to hire a professional installer.

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