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How You Can Enhance the Security of Your Retail Store

Larger retail stores follow very specific protocols and plans to ensure their security. Smaller retail stores don’t have the same level of security features. However, this doesn’t mean that small retail stores must not have them. In large retail stores, there’s a significant budget allocation for training and maintaining the security personnel.

It is the responsibility of such employees to walk the sales floor and watch out for any suspicious activity. Here are a few tips that can enhance the security of your retail store, irrespective of its size:

1. Monitor the sales floor

It’s good to have some protocols in place to help your employees in keeping a watchful eye. They must be in the form of guidelines, which they can use while watching the customers and merchandise. This must be followed even if your sales floor is just one small room. It is a part of customer service to make sure that the customers are safe while at your retail store.

You must instruct your employees to ask them if they require any assistance. It is necessary that your employees watch your customers while they’re shopping. If you have a large sales floor, you can divide it into zones. Then you can assign the employees in each zone for the security measures.

2. Have more than one employee on duty at all times

There are times when an employee can be alone. This would be mostly during the breaks. Make sure that in such a situation, they have an easy way to call out for help. One way to ensure this is to have a phone that’s easily accessible. You can also consider having a panic button in that particular area. Allowing employees to have their cell phones near them would also be helpful.

3. Have a professional monitoring system

If you have a sizable budget, you can hire professionals to install a professional security system. You might try your best to keep an eye on your business all day. However, it’s just not possible to do this every day. Having a professional monitoring system will help you in keeping a watchful eye on your business 24/7. You can also have these systems customized according to your budget and business needs.

4. Creat the space to facilitate clear line of sight

You can make it easier for your customers and employees to see each other with proper arrangement. Consider positioning the displays, signs, and shelves in an appropriate way. They must allow customers and employees to see each other. This can prevent instances of theft and keep both the parties safe. By having such an arrangement, they’ll not be isolated.

5. Set protocols to monitor cash register

You must always try to have someone close to the cash register. After all, it is the cash register that’s more important than any other thing at your store. Develop some best practices after careful thought to keep an eye on it. The employees who are responsible for it must not leave it unattended.

Tell your employees how far they can go from the register if they have to get up from their place. There are times when customers might need some help. Under such circumstances, these instructions can be of great help.

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